Company D And The Boys From Oklahoma

Company D
Lt. Charles M. Ford
141st Regiment 36th Division

  1. Arthur H. Dungan
  2. Brosig T. Wasson
  3. Bud Henry
  4. Buster E. Vann
  5. Charles F. Jennings
  6. Charles H. Powell
  7. Charles P. Smith
  8. David C. McKay
  9. Edward G. Ford
  10. George E. Sandlin*
  11. George F. Elliot
  12. Harry H. Hale
  13. Hugh Burgess*
  14. Joseph Oklahombi*
  15. Lee E. Hutchenson
  16. Oscar F. Scheel
  17. Rosmond E.(R.) Lucas*
  18. Sam E. SoRelle
  19. Samuel D. Denyer
  20. Walter L. Bergstrom
  21. Will Dunaway
  22. Will H. Rice*
  23. William E. Simpson
  24. William R. Hallmark

***Oklahoma boys


Joseph Spoke No English
He walked 26 miles to volunteer for the United States Army. He left behind his young wife and baby son.
No Grenades Used A Potato
The unit had no grenades, Joseph carved one out of a potato and went over the top earlier than his company.
Joseph's War Cry Of A Panther
This startled the Germans and Joseph was able to run to the first German machine gun nest and take control of it until the rest of the men in his unit arrived.
Held 171 German Prisoners
The men then turned the enemy’s own guns on them and held 171 Germans prisoner for four days under constant barrage of high explosives and gas shells.