Jim Jacobs Testimony
I wish to commend you students of Mannsville Schools who have taken to task Joseph Oklahombi who helped 'turn the tide' in the last two years of WW I in the 'trench-warfare' with Von Kiasers 'men on the Alsace-Lorrain border.

To: Nellie Garone and Student Researchers

Subject: Info concerning Joseph Oklahombi

I wish to commend you students of Mannsville Schools who have taken to task Joseph Oklahombi who helped 'turn the tide' in the last two years of WW I in the 'trench-warfare' with Von Kiasers 'men on the Alsace-Lorrain border.

I'll begin with the fact that my wife knew Joseph Oklahombi. As a child lived three/fourths of a mile from his home. I knew personally Tobias W. Frazier who was also a 'code-talker' and life-time friend of Joseph Oklahombi.

I will tell you what Tobias Frazier shared with me stating that each of the men of this group were 'annointed by the holy one' preparatory to their departure. Each man was given 'oral words' to prepare him for battle. As it was told to me by Tobias Frazier, Joseph was given permission to 'scream' the cry of the Black Panther, if ever in need of help! Tobias did not see fit to share with me what his 'call or cry was'. I feel that the reason Tobias shared this info with me was that he and my grandfather Roy W. Howard had been life-friends, served in 1915 with the A.E.F. to Mexico (border war) and I felt honored to be trusted with this info. All of the men (later designated Code Talkers) had been affiliated with the Oklahoma Territorial Militia at Antlers, Oklahoma under the command of Captain Locke who was a Kentucky Colonel empowered by funds from the War Department in Washington DC.

After the group of men, American Expeditionary Forces to Mexico came back to Antlers, they went about life and somehow got involved with a Texas Military Unit. These American Indian t'ChoctaW' men were a band of brothers in the truest sense. Now my unanswered question is how did they go to France and German without my Grand father.

Now, my history with the Army National Guard and Army Reserve in Antlers Oklahoma began in 1962 til 1986 when I retired as a Sergeant E-7 or Sergeant First Class. I having known personally several men who was in the unit in 1922 to 1967 know many stories of the past. As my grand father has shared, its was a time of peace and war, and his Indian friends were quick to assist and help defend. He told me that the Choctaw never shed the blood of any of the White-Gov't people in their removeal from Mississippi til as small war in Antlers known as the 'Snake war' in 1893.

Now, about Joseph Oklahombi, he was raised east of present day Wright City Oklahoma in the community named Luksuklo (turtle people) so named by the Frenchman D'La-Harpe in 1719 while surveying and taking land for France. Joseph Oklahombi one moonlite night decided to get up out of the muddie trenches and issue a bit of mischief to the Germans who held the high ground. Joseph had carved a large potato into a Bangalore grenade (it was dirty and looked like death on a stick) he ran across 'no man's land' and his whole body screamed the 'cry of the Panther' locking the heels of the Germans, also the Germans must have had their finger on the microphones they were using and the scream fed into the sound retrieving system for approx. 11 miles. The Germans had us wired and could hear us cough or squirm! So 11 miles of trench warfare was stopped in its tracks, and Joesph ran straight to the first machine gun nest, taking control and doing the job he was trained for. Yes, he killed many men and took captive more men than Sergeant York.

Now, Thank God that the Texas Military took notes and preserved history. If you read the first 5 hits on Google Search about Joe and his Code Talkers you will find the rest of the story. Ruth McMillian who was Tobias Fraziers daughter is quoted from her interview with her dad.

Now, the Indian didn't count for much, as they could not even vote until 1924. Hugo High School Superintendent W.J. Holloway (also 3 county Senator) enticed the Oklahoma Senate to give all Indians in Oklahoma the right to vote and it carried and in 1924 All Indians got that right. Gov. Holloway was the one who in 1918 helped re-organized the Antlers Unit from Territoria Militia to Oklahoma National Guard.

The Antlers units, who have carried many names was the Adjudant Generals Corp in my time and tenure. In my Grand Pa's time it was Company I Territorial Militia.

Now, late in his life Tobias Frazier walked up to me and shook hands with me, and in his hand was a 'coin' thing. It turned out to be a brass military award approx. to the size of a silver dollar, given to all who served in "The War To End All Wars", and I treasure this gift even today. All soldiers received this brass medal.

For the sake of brevity, I truly believe that Joseph Oklahombi should receive the Medal of Honor Posthumously. I could elaborate more but won't. I have written a History of the Antlers Unit which is now out of print. I recently was nominated for the Oklahoma Historical Societys Uhistorical" award to be given April 24th at Sulphur, Ok. Tho I was not 'inducted' I an certainly proud to have been on the list.

I have written 2 books of History about McCurtain County History. I serve as the Historian at the Forest Heritage Center and Museum at Beavers Bend State Park. I have one book presently awaiting OU Press and its being printed. Thanks you for listening.


Jimm Jacobs

Joseph Spoke No English
He walked 26 miles to volunteer for the United States Army. He left behind his young wife and baby son.
No Grenades Used A Potato
The unit had no grenades, Joseph carved one out of a potato and went over the top earlier than his company.
Joseph's War Cry Of A Panther
This startled the Germans and Joseph was able to run to the first German machine gun nest and take control of it until the rest of the men in his unit arrived.
Held 171 German Prisoners
The men then turned the enemy’s own guns on them and held 171 Germans prisoner for four days under constant barrage of high explosives and gas shells.